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ADVANTE Treatment Smooth / Style
From $350-$490

The unique Japanese formulation of ADVANTE Smooth hydrates hair to the smoothest finish possible whilst ADVANTE Style will transform hair into lasting frizz-free manageable fluffy curls or gentle waves.

TOKIO Inkarami De Sinka
From $350-$490

With this revolutionary Japanese treatment perm, you can achieve the patented INKARAMI treatment feel with your desired TOKIO Straight / TOKIO Perm at the same time!

OE Physia Scalp Aromatherapy Treatment

Experience intensive scalp wellness treatment with detoxifying, nourishing and stimulating benefits. This treatment includes an extensive range of essential oils to cater to individual conditions.

TOKIO Inkarami Treatment
From $185-$255

Using Patented Technology INKARAMI & Nobel-Prize winning Anti-oxidant Fullerene, this treatment brings to you first-class hair treatment from Japan, guaranteed to revive your locks.

Aveda Enlightener
From $145-$245

Aveda's Enlightener™ Powder Lightener is a protective lightener, so you can lift your hair colour while maintaining happy, healthy hair.

Aveda Botanical Color Full Spectrum Deep
From $145-$225

Up to 93% naturally-derived formulas for essential damage-free results.

Full Spectrum Deep Highlights
From $175-$215

Get a new look with hair highlighting/lowlighting, using lightener or haircolor to lift the level or brightness of hair strands.

Aveda Botanical Color Full Spectrum
From $165-$245

Up to 99% naturally-derived; using plant power instead of petrochemicals for amazing color that you can feel good about.

Full Spectrum Highlights
From $195-$235

Get a new look with hair highlighting/lowlighting, using lightener or haircolor to lift the level or brightness of hair strands.

Soft Volume Smooth Straighteting
From $220-$350

Soft rebonding is a milder version of Straight Rebonding. Instead of using strong chemicals and high heat, milder hair chemicals and a lower temperature are used to reduce natural frizziness.

Ceramic Perm
From $250-$380

Ceramic perms are well-defined S curls achieved by heating hair using ceramic curlers. With this method of perming, the curls tend to last longer.

Cold Perm
From $145-$185

In a cold wave perm, dry hair is sectioned and curled around a plastic rod, over which the cold wave solution.

TOKIO Spa Inkarami Treatment
From $165-$225

This treatment provides a unique dual care of scalp and hair. Give your scalp detoxifying benefits while moisturising both your scalp and hair.

Aqua Punch Scalp Clean Treatment
From $45-$65

Aqua Punch is a high water pressure hair and scalp cleansing machine. It removes sebum accumulated in scalp and hair roots.

Anti-frizz Hair Treatment
From $300-$400

Made with natural ingredients which contain moisturising properties, this hair treatment will restore and straighten hair. Recommended for people who have thick, curly and damaged hair concerns.

Viege Hair & Scalp Treatment
From $165-$225

Viege has anti-aging properties that conditions the scalp and hair to regain volume and elasticity, restoring hair to their youthful state. All with the use of nutrition-rich vegetables. 

Ford Aquacouture Hair Treatment
From $135-$185

With the aid of Japan's nanotechnology and formula, the Aqua Couture Hair Treatment is a versatile hair repair treatment system catering to all levels of hair damage.

 Post Treatment

Enhance your hair colour's vibrancy whilst retaining moisture with safe, plant-based ingredients.

Director's Cut
For Her from $85 to $125
For Him  from $65 to $85

Senior Stylist Haircut
For Her from $60 to $125
For Him $50 to $65

Kids' Haircut

For kids below 12 years old.

Fringe Cut

Wash & Blow
From $40-$60

Styling Updo
From $70-$120

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