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Michelle Soh
Director (25 years of experience)

"I love how I can make someone's day by helping them achieve great hair, which in turn makes them not only look but feel good."

Kenneth Kwang
Creative Director (16 years of experience)

"I love being a stylist for the purpose of giving customers a confidence boost with their new look!"

Barry Ting
Senior Stylist (26 years of experience)

"I love meeting new customers and sharing my passion with them. I enjoy elevating their looks and confidence with my work."

Sara Dolci
Senior Stylist (14 years of experience)

"It brings me great satisfaction to work directly with people and know that my work has made them happy!"

Lead Stylist (8 years of experience)

"I'm constantly driven to innovate and I love interacting with customers! I get to do that as a hairstylist."

Salon Manager

"I love to interact with different types of people and aid them in looking good and feeling happy through hair services."

Salon Assistant

"I enjoy creating different styles on customers' hair and I love seeing the smile on their faces with their new look."

Salon Assistant

"I enjoy the thrill of new challenges. I love how there's always something to learn from each experience and customer."

Mee Ee
Salon Assistant

"I'm personally passionate about beautiful hair! Therefore, helping others achieve so brings me great joy!"